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Собственно написал я Скоту по данному поводу. Его описание игры из письма заинтересовало меня еще больше...


I had not expected such a large response from a single article from Faeit 212. I probably should of known better, but it was still surprising and great to receive. I wanted to do a group mail first, simply because I started responding individually, but soon realized I was not going to get to everyone in a timely matter. A few of the questions being asked I will respond to everyone with.

Will I be selected?
This is an open beta. Everyone interested is included, and I am sure that more people will be joining us as time goes on. The idea is that with the current state of tabletop wargaming, the more open to the public testing that is done, the better in the long run the game will be. It does not mean that every idea will make it into the final game, but it means that I really want the feedback to make this the best game that is possible. The more feedback from the community the better.

What is required to be beta tester?
I ask that you read what is sent to you and give some feedback. There is a not mandated time dedication, because we all have lives. I just ask that you occasionally give some feedback with what time you have. Things I am looking for include; first impressions, racial/unit/armory builds, and of course playtesting. Your feedback is important.

Will there be a newsletter?
Yes, and I will start off with a weekly newsletter to people on this beta testing list, not only to let you know what is being worked on, but updates and changes to the beta rules that are happening. There is also a weekly article being sent to Faeit 212, with more background and introduction material on a weekly basis.

Is this a skirmish game, or much larger?
Right now the game mechanics are for a medium sized game. While a model count has not been worked into the game, I think our game tests have been between 20-60 models. The number of models used in a game will vary tremendously upon how someone creates their species. Mechanics for smaller games of course has been suggested, but are not yet integrated into the game for a more skirmish sized conflict. Do not rule out skirimish games, if the mechanics can be integrated into the unit creation aspects of the game. This is something being worked on currently.

Where is the Game at in its design development?
The game has went through quite a bit of development, and has been fast tracked over the last year since the first ruleset was finally put together into one pdf. The game has been through a lot of separate alpha testing, with a lot of people looking at sections of the rules and background on the game. The game is playable in its current form, but a complete re-write has been going on now for about 2 weeks concluding feedback from alpha testing.

I expect that the beta will be ready in pdf form in about 2 weeks, give or take. There is an editor on board with the project, who is quite simply amazing, and because of this, the rules testing is moving ahead faster than I expected. Original forecasts were to not have a beta opening until later this year, sometime around September. Feedback though from early testers, really pushed the envelope and broke through on the combat system to tie everything together.

Conceptual Artwork is still lagging behind. Although I have been talking to a few artists who are interested in working on the project. I expect more to be announced through the newletters next month.

Here is a brief example of the racial creation system, which I am sure has a lot of people wondering how this works.
There are three steps to create your army.
1. Species/Faction Creation
2. Unit Creation
3. Creating your Armory

Each of the 5 races has a base stat-line from which to start with. Once your race is chosen, creating your species follows a Tree of Life that are different for each race. Calling it a tech-tree gives a good basis, but its more open than that.

Each selection has a point value, and adds to your species point cost, and these selections are called traits. They give you special rules, abilities, or stat increases. Once a primary trait is selected, it opens up other options further along the evolutionary branches, called secondary traits. Advanced Traits also exist and have secondary pre-requisites. Your species can be very specialized following one or two evolutionary branches, or more broadly skilled with many more primary traits and few if any secondary traits.

Examples of a few Primary Traits for the Reptila Race
Physical Mutations
Draconian Heritage
Cultural Adaptations
Drake Masters
Advanced Weaponry
and much more

With each of primary traits there are several 2-5 secondary and advanced traits that can be selected. With all these options, races can really be customized, with countless options to really make a unique species. There are currently about 30 Primary traits for Reptila species.

There are 5 Races in the Genesis Project, and within each race, there are variations.

I hope this helps give a better understanding of what lies ahead, and I hope that most if not all of you will stay with us, and help contribute to the Genesis Project. If for any reason that you want your name removed from this list, please don't hesitate to let me know. Just email me.

I really want to thank you for the excitement and energy from the emails you sent in. There will be an update and newsletter at the end of next week. Also expect forums to be set up for better communication between playtesters and myself.

I will be talking to you soon.

Upd 23.06 На прошлой неделе пришла первая пдфка. Вчера прислали вторую. Там собственно только флафф... Но для затравки пойдет.

Вчерашнее письмецо

Will there be there be a range of Miniatures and bits for Genesis?
First off, Yes. The Genesis Project has been a Game Concept project for a number of years, and this is what is driving it forward. I know in a lot of game design, miniatures can be the driving force, but in this instance concepts and rules for the game have come first. The plan has been that models will be released, and that with these models, upgrade packs with bits for many of the traits would be added. This is easier said than done.

Also in that regard, the plan was to never limit a hobbyist's skills and creativity. So never would there be a "Genesis Models Only" type of official or sponsored event. I have been in this hobby for 15+ years, and using bits from various sources would be encouraged.

Are you trying to eventually be able to sell models? Or sell rules? Or is this all for free community for funsies?
The end goal is to solidify the rules for this game and always have the base set of rules and races in a free pdf for players. This includes keeping the rules current and available through a website for the game. No editions, but instead an organic set of rules, that can be modified or adjusted as needed.

In that regard, an open to the public beta is the most logical way to move the game forward. While the rules for the beta are mostly done at this moment, there are so many different ways to build your species, that play testing in small groups just doesn't work. Balancing and adjustments obviously need to happen.

The end goals and long term look, is a finished game with models and expansions. The expansions of course would take place on new worlds, where exploration opens up new traits and technologies to expand the game. The first has already been looked at, but not a lot of work done on it, called Origins at this moment, which would explore the first worlds seeded by the Creators.

The potential for pure creativity is boundless in your game from what I gather, how is this achieved?
Its achieved through the evolution of your species. The mechanics are driven by an open tech/trait tree, where traits are chosen by the player for their faction. When you select your traits they have point costs attached to them, these are added up to give you the base point cost of your models. More traits can be added as you form your units, giving units specific training or access to advanced weaponry.

The evolution of your species comes from three categories of traits; these are Genetic Mutation, Environmental Adaptation, and Knowledge and Science.

Taking a primary trait, opens up secondary traits that can then be selected, even leading to advanced traits depending upon how specialized you are designing your species. The more advanced trait also come with increased point costs.

For example: Camouflage is a Reptilia Genetic Mutation primary trait that grants cover bonus's.
Secondary traits include Cameleon Skin, which grants cover bonus's to apply in the open as well as in cover; and Morphic Skin grants +1 to your cover bonus,
An advanced trait includes invisibility where you are receive an additional +1 to cover if not running or in melee combat, and then another advanced form of invisibility that allows cover bonus's in melee combat.

Of course the further down one evolutionary branch you go, the less you have elsewhere, and the more the traits cost per model.

Of course the beta will give more details and step by step help in doing all of this.

Upd 15.08 Пришла таки пробная версия правил. Кому интересно изучайте.


Its been a little bit of time since I have sent out a newsletter, so it was time to get things moving and push past a couple obstacles.

First off, the beta is taking forever getting through editing. I am not a patient person, and have decided to release the first rule set that was sent to editing about a month ago. I do not want to get down on our Editor, after all he is working on the document in his free time.

So this is The Genesis Project Raw. In its unedited form, there will be some gaps, possibly some mistakes, and some bad writing form. This is why I personally need an editor. Disclaimer aside, this is what we had been playtesting off of until lately. I have removed all the notes in this document, essentially cleaning it up.

So what is in Genesis Raw?
The first age is here for both the Reptila and the Hominoid Races. From here you will be able to start to get a feel for the mechanics, the direction of the game, and start building your species. After doing so, Unit Formation and Armory Construction is in, so that you can create lists for gaming.

Included also are the base rules for playing the game, as well as mission creation.

There are not lots of examples of play written into the rules yet. This is coming.

To that end, I wanted to keep this moving forward, as this is a very organic project. If you feel like you would rather wait for the edited version, by all means no harm no foul. I am not releasing the Genesis Raw to anyone, but those that have signed up to publicly beta test, which is close to 200 people. The goal here is to get people talking what they think of the mechanics, direction of the game, and other comments. To facilitate this, the forums are open for the game as we speak, and you can jump on to deliver comments there and discuss the game.

I will be taking comments, adjusting the rulesets, and working on the edited forms of the rules as they arrive. Not only that, but as you can see once you dig in, there is a lot more work being done, and still more to do.

Here is the address of the forums to stop in and discuss.

Thanks for your interest in the game, and with an open public beta, I feel the game can reach its full potential
Scott the Progenitor

ps, when I converted this file this morning to a pdf those odd lines appeared vertically on the pages. They are annoying, and I will figure out later how to get rid of them.

Not every game is for everyone.
If you want off this list, please just shoot me an email, and you wont hear from me again.

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Ну как получишь что-то реальное, кидай ссылочку, могу распечатать и потестим :)



только начал читать, шикарная идея , ИМХО



хотелось бы русского языка для не очень владеющих вражеским.
если не трудно кому переведите.



идея такова, что ты сам создаешь свою расу. С абилками, юнитами, трейтами, армори.
Там три периода:  появление и развитие вида , пик развития с войнушками и закат с контостофами и борьбой за выживание






Чето я не вижу предмета разговора. Видимо, проект находится в стадии "вот было бы круто вот такое замутить, чтобы вот так и вот так можно было!".



Может конечно врут, но если верить читать письмо: While the rules for the beta are mostly done at this moment.....



Кстати, кому интересно, появился форум проекта. В ветке Newsletters можно почитать механику, на броски правил...